Friday, 5 October 2007

2 comments that tell you everything you need to know and why we are seen as a soft touch in the world when it comes to immigration. Maysa a 19 year old from Iran says about coming here "We want to travel there because we can get money, homes and jobes in Britain. There is nothing for us in France." and police chief Michel LeCavorzin said "They will be asked if they want to claim asylum, but if not there is very little we can do," "Every single one of them says they want to go to Britain." We have to be more like France and make it so hard that they will not want to come here, we must give them no money, no right to work or get a home, maybe then they will think twice about coming here. I made a mistake in spelling job's i hit the wrong key, no matter you get what i mean, i'm sure. can't be bothered going back to change it.

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