Monday, 23 April 2007

Two new polls out today put the SNP still ahead, so it looks like we will have them in government, I don't mind that, because if we break away from the UK in the future, their will be a better chance for the smaller parties and a better chance for the BNP, At the moment they are only standing on the list and we only get one vote for that and as i wish to keep labour out, i will have to vote SNP when i really would like to vote BNP, If they were standing in the council elections they would get my vote because we get 4 votes for our area and they would be top of my list, do you agree with me, please post your comments. I am going tomorrow to see if i can get my computer fixed for free, as having to come up to the base to publish is not ideal.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Maybe now they will stop calling anyone who questions immigration racist after Liam Byrne said mass immigration has left our country deeply unsettled and it has damaged the poorest communities, what a shame it has taken so long for someone in power to speak out. We have to keep up the pressure. Sorry about no pics, I am still using the computer in the resource base, so i won't be able to see any comments you make until Monday.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Sorry guys but i'll not be able to post for a while because my hard drive has gone and i need £70 to get it fixed which i don't have. I'm using the computer in the CAB offices which is not going to be available everyday, so sorry, i'll be back as soon as i can.